Osburn’s Spanish-to-English translations of performing arts texts have included sub- and supertitles, program copy, and tango lyrics:

Voiceover narration from the Spanish, Souls of Tango, play by Analia Carrreño and Luis Ramirez, premieres November 12, 2021;

What Tango Means (Argentine tango translations), blog and live recitations. Milonga Falucho, New York, N.Y., since 2018;

Voiceover translation and video subtitles, Social Tango, dir. Agustina Videla. Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires Tango Festival, August 15, 2018;

Supertitles for Luz de mañana en un traje marrón (Dawn in a Brown Suit), by Daniel Veronese (previously untranslated). Void Theater Company, Performing Arts Marathon, International Theater Arts Institute, New York, N.Y., August 10-11, 2012.

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